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                                                            Member Roster


Last Name First Name Position Cell # Email Office Affiliation
Adams Annette Agent 279-0591 Bess - Tremonton
Adams Ken Br. Broker 279-7057 Bess - Tremonton
Allred Doug Agent 230-0765 ERA Advantage
Allred Telease Agent 313-1788 ERA Advantage
Anderson Scott Agent 452-1867 Bess - Tremonton
Baker Wally Agent 279-7970 CB Tugaw - Brigham
Balls, Sharon Agent 730-6657 CB Tugaw - Brigham
Barnhart Jodi Agent 452-2543 C21-Golden Spike
Barrus Tim As. Broker 279-3434 Double Eagle Real Estate
Bell Bill Agent 720-0102 CB Tugaw - Brigham
Berchtold Andy Agent 730-0824 ERA Webber
Bess Blake Agent (801)920-1280 Bess - Brigham
Bess Dale Agent 237-1040 Bess - Brigham
Bess Lindee  Agent (801)458-9244 Besst Realty - Ogden
Bess Noel Broker 730-4441 Bess - Brigham
Bierer John As. Broker 225-2424 Exit Realty Box Elder
Bowcutt Wayne Agent 225-8100 Bess - Brigham
Bronson Rebecca Agent 279-4884 CB Tugaw - Tremonton
Buchanan Jerry As. Broker 279-7732 Bess - Tremonton
Buck Paul Agent 225-3364   Bess - Brigham
Burnett Kathleen Br. Broker 881-1398 ERA Advantage
Call Amy Agent 730-1200 CB Tugaw - Brigham
Call William Agent (801)589-7355 Double Eagle Real Estate
Chadwick Neil Appraiser 730-1655 Chadwick Appraisal
Christensen Pete Agent 730-0979 Bess - Brigham
Cisney Cindy Agent 720-2004 Bess - Brigham
Coleman Carla Agent 230-3786 CB Tugaw - Tremonton
Cutler Stephanie Agent 225-3559 CB Tugaw - Brigham
Dansie Martel Agent  723-4663 Equity Real Estate - Davis
Davenport Shanna Agent 720-1033 Exit Realty Box Elder
Douglas Justin Agent 279-4876 Lish Realty
Duke Bob Agent 730-1827 All Pro Real Estate
Duong Angela Agent 225-5200 Double Eagle Real Estate
Edwards Tom Agent 225-2620 CB Tugaw - Brigham
Erickson Trina Agent 279-4991 ERA Advantage
Fenton Barbara Agent 225-4321 ERA Webber
Fuhriman Kathy Broker 730-3583 Bear River Valley Realty
Garfield Brad Agent 225-5501 At Home Realty
Greenhalgh Amy Agent 225-4960 Bess - Brigham
Griffiths Brian Agent 279-3772 NET Realty
Grover Scott Broker 279-3186 Double Eagle Real Estate
Grube Audra Agent 239-0216 CB Tugaw - Tremonton
Hancock Lisa Agent 279-4503 Double Eagle Real Estate
Harris Diana Agent 279-0752 Bess - Tremonton
Harrison Jay Broker 757-9999 ERA Advantage
Heinig Sarah Agent 225-3535 Exit Realty Box Elder
Hugie Heather Agent 757-5878 ERA Advantage
Jackson V. Karen Agent  512-0788 NET Realty
Jensen Linda Broker 279-6554 Welcome Home Realty
Jones JoAnn Agent 279-5154 Double Eagle Real Estate
Kerby Pat Agent 279-3207 Bear River Valley Realty
Kimber Chuck Appraiser 279-6547 Kimber Appraisal
Kondo Ted Agent 720-2065 CB Tugaw - Brigham
Larson Evelyn Broker (801)859-1524
Lish Clint Agent 279-4082 Lish Realty
Lish Jared Agent  632-7769 Lish Realty
Lish Todd Broker 279-7300 Lish Realty
MacSparran Patty Agent 230-2076
Marabella Robert Agent 730-6015 All Pro Real Estate
Miller Troy Agent 720-0155 Bess - Brigham
Mortensen Ron Agent 730-1800 Bess - Brigham
Moss Daniel Agent 225-4285 Net Realty
Muir Scott Agent 230-4844 At Home Realty
Munns Shanne Agent 730-4612 ERA Webber
Nelson ShaRelle Agent 225-2737 Double Eagle Real Estate
Okobia Lorri Agent 215-3452
Olsen Larry Agent 237-9061 Bess - Brigham
Packer Adam Agent 720-7333 All Pro Real Estate
Packer Jeff Agent 720-1960 All Pro Real Estate
Packer Kevin Broker 720-0422 All Pro Real Estate
Packer Steve Agent 720-1745 Bess - Brigham
Paulsen Mike Agent 279-0850 Exit Realty Box Elder
Peck Shirlene Broker 730-1001 Canyon Gate
Petersen Deanne Agent (801)589-4791 Bear River Valley Realty
Potter Blaine Agent 279-3331 Double Eagle Real Estate
Potter Brent Agent 452-2300 ERA Advantage
Potter Gary Agent 270-3900 ERA Advantage
Richardson Ed Agent 720-0751 Bess - Brigham
Ritter Adam Agent 232-8312 Bear River Valley Realty
Robbins Marie Broker (208)760-0156 Mountain Valley Real Estate
Rockwood Diane Agent (801)920-2946 Bess - Brigham
Rountree Angie Agent 730-2253 Canyon Gate
Rustan Karen Agent 279-0036 CB Tugaw - Brigham
Sanford Janet Br. Broker 730-1123 ERA Webber
Scholes David Broker 757-7166 NET Realty
Shaw Sandra Agent (801)791-9422 ERA Webber
Sorensen Jan Agent 760-8928 Bear River Valley Realty
Sorensen Lisa Agent 740-0935 Exit Realty Box Elder
Sorenson Belinda Agent 279-7015 Bess - Tremonton
Southward Shande Agent (801)941-0373 Mountain Valley Real Estate
Stark Penny Broker (801) 745-1603 The Franklin Group N.W.
Stephens Dallan Agent 695-3363 Exit Realty Box Elder
Stephensen Shelby Agent 225-4587 ERA Webber
Taylor Les Agent 730-0906 CB Tugaw - Brigham
Thevenin Mike Br. Broker 881-2874 bigmike@homerealtycom At Home Realty
Thomposn Gary Broker 225-3449 Exit Realty Box Elder
Thompson Bev Broker 279-6068 CB Tugaw - Tremonton
Treto Eduardo Agent 232-8044 CB Tugaw - Brigham
Tugaw Cindy Agent 730-2030 CB Tugaw - Brigham
Tugaw Ed Broker 730-4040 CB Tugaw - Brigham
Tugaw-Madsen Stefanie Agent 452-8203 CB Tugaw - Brigham
Vail Janna Agent 730-4718 ERA Webber
Valberg Carol Agent 225-5703 Bess - Brigham
Valberg John Agent 225-3134 Bess - Brigham
Warren Craig Appraiser 881-0911 Western Ag Credit
Watkins Michelle Agent 225-4125 NET Realty
Webber David Broker (801)791-2881 ERA Webber
Weese Curt Agent 279-3100 CB - Tremonton
Wight Doug Agent (801)915-9897       Bess - Brigham
Wilkes Melissa Agent 730-2001 Exit Realty Box Elder
Wilson Nicole Agent 730-1101     Double Eagle Real Estate
Woerner Leslie Agent 730-2909 The Franklin Group N.W.

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